Petrucco wines, all monovarietals, are the clear expression of our land and come out of the thriving marriage between ancient knowledge and modern technology.

After a manual grape-picking, very attentive to a perfect grape maturation, the bunches are carefully handled in order to fully preserve their integrity up to the pressing, which is  followed by a temperature-controlled fermentation.  

White wines refine on the lees in stainless steel tanks for about 6 months, red wines are left to age in wood for about 12 months, with a further refining period in the bottle.
Ronco del Balbo Reserves have a 24 to 36 months aging in barrique.
Picolit DOCG  is obtained by overripe grapes, which are left to dry up naturally for about 30-40 days. After fermentation, the DOCG wine has a 12 months aging in small oak barrels.